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Originally Posted by Hughes_GOAT
he doesn't have to be on could be HGH....once they have a test for that, be prepared to see a lot of guys pop positive or all of the sudden have deflated bodies and cardio.

it's not possible "genetically" to have that body/strength and still be able to train cardio. your body will shut down, you will overtrain without steroids or HGH to help your recovery process.

Guida doesn't have GSP's Guida can use his recovery units for cardio. it's one or the other. you can't be peaked in both areas (and GSP is) unless you are using.
You obviously dont really know a lot of about HGH, or steroids for that matter. GSP has been the same size since being in the UFC(he may be a little bigger). If he was using HGH then he would grow as well as being very cardio savy. Growing leads to more mass which leads to more weight. How is not possible to have his body and be strong? If your diet is spot on whicj GSP's is then you will not "shut down". Yes GSP is very lean, but he stays lean year round so this is just the norm for him. I would say he is about 6-8% body fat which certainly possible to be strong at the same time. So yes you can be peaked in the same area. Gsp and Jon Fitch looked just about the same at the weigh in's(body wise), and they both looked real small, deffiantly not a GH body. Now Thiago Alves on the other hand is a bit fishy. He was noticably bigger when he fought Hughes.
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