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Originally Posted by Hughes_GOAT
he doesn't have to be on could be HGH....once they have a test for that, be prepared to see a lot of guys pop positive or all of the sudden have deflated bodies and cardio.

it's not possible "genetically" to have that body/strength and still be able to train cardio. your body will shut down, you will overtrain without steroids or HGH to help your recovery process.

Guida doesn't have GSP's Guida can use his recovery units for cardio. it's one or the other. you can't be peaked in both areas (and GSP is) unless you are using.

WOW,,do you ever read some of the stuff you put in here?

you are a very bitter guy just grasping at anything you can think of for an excuse why BJ lost,,

CRY BABY J asked for this fight and shot his mouth off the whole time leading up to it and at the same time he trained for this fight in a half ass way not because he didn't think he needed to train but because he was just to lazy to bother,,

GSP trained as hard as he possibly could and because he was stronger fast and in way better shape your saying he was on something?

take the blinders off,,Baby J is just lazy,,he was relying on his talent to get him through and talent is just not enough against a guy like GSP you need to put the work in.

as far as GSP being on something last night?

like i said before he was,,just ask BJ,,i'm sure he could tell you what the ceiling of the building look like,
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