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Originally Posted by Tyburn
Oh yes. The Queen still has many of Her Powers. She just choses not to exercise them in public.

For example. She can disolve Parliament, or Veto important decisions the Prime Minister makes, effectively over-rulling the Government. Case in point. Many Royalists thought she might over-rule Tony Blair when he decided to join your coilition on invading Iraq. She didnt...but the point is, she could have done...I think she would have done if Tony had failed to pass it through parliament, and continued anyway.

He managed to get it through Parliament...and so she permitted the Government to continue.

So She could decide to remove the Speaker. The Queen...I dont think she sees herself as a "political" figure. You wait to Charles sits on the Throne, then you might see Royalty interfere with Parliament...but of course the worry is that if the Royals speak out to much...well...there are plenty of Citizens who wouldnt hesitate to say we should rid England of Royalty all together

Our Speaker is different from yours. Our Speaker is not Affiliated to any party. He is neutral. He represents "The House" The Official in charge of The Commons. So He symbolizes Parliament in a unique way. He isnt the Prime Minister...BUT within the House he is actually...almost more important, because he supervizes the debates in the House. The Mace which sits on the Desk in the Centre of the House...that belongs Officially to Him. He is like the Mayor of Parliament if thats possible.

For many years the Speaker was a Glorious Woman called "Betty"
That is interesting stuff, I never really knew that about the Queen's power. I almost like the idea of the Speaker not being attached to any political party better than our way. It allows for too much political pandering to one extreme or the other. In all honesty though, I am convinced that ANYBODY would be a better Speaker than Nancy Pelosi. She is so fake she might as well be made of plastic.
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