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Originally Posted by Tyburn

not in 300 years has a Speaker been ousted from the House Of Commons. Today around 20 Ministers of Parliament have come out in public and told the Speaker (who is in charge of Parliament) Have asked in Parliament when the Speaker will allow a Vote of No Confidence in His own Leadership.

The Liberal Democrat Leader has confirmed he is in favour of such a vote. David Cameron, leader of the Conservatives will not comment personally, but he has allowed any Conservative who wishes to sign the Motion, acceptable. Instead as always Cameron just says, lets call a general ellection and say goodbye to the whole Labour shell.

At an Emergency meeting tommorow The Prime Minister will probably play his hand.

Her Majesty the Queen still keeps her Silence

Our Speaker of the House has been in some hot water lately as well over her knowledge of "enhanced interrogation techniques".

What can the Queen do? Forgive my ignorance, but does she really have any political power besides just her popularity with the people?
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