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Originally Posted by JB Rattlesnake
Dave, the bottom line is Iran supports terrorist organizations and is a major part of the problems in the middle east. They may be a sovereign nation, but letting them possess a nuclear weapon is NOT a smart move. The majority of the world seems to agree on that.

I am not against working things out diplomatically, but the reason that has not happened in the last 40 years is because of Iran, not because of us. You and I obviously share different views on what "civilized" is, but in my opinion Iran certainly does not fit the bill. No matter how organized they are.
Are you sure...I thought it was America that called off Diplomacy after somekinda Embassy hostage situation in the 1970s...perhaps I'm wrong about them

I didnt say letting them have nuclear weapons was a clever move. I just think that America cant afford to get this wrong so she should be cautious how she plays things...if that means opening diplomacy, then take the opportunity
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