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think the thing to remember about the fight is that Whitson was not 100% going into the fight, with the Impetigo, there is no way he was 100% fighting fit and sharpe, as he was unable to train properly going into the battle.

Added to that the people that called him a scraper were his own coaches, who funnily enough are his coaches normally, Whitson is a Team Quest fighter at Hendos gym.

As for Ross, he did what eeded to be done, scoring well with striking and takedowns he was winning the fight due to them right before he had the point taken away, great call by herb. did the very same thing again in the next fight with cyborg, only that one eded in DQ, so well done whitson for manning up and continuing to fight.

I have seen Ross fgt a few times, and that was not a good showing by him, especially as he is one o the favourites to win it.
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