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Originally Posted by Tyburn dont think people should wear Saftey belts. I would be embarissed if my government had to force the wearing of saftey belts.

Do you feel the same way about all health and safety laws Do you believe you should go running into weahouses without Hi-Vis Vests?? Would you seriously fight a rule that forced you to do that???
Dave, obviously you have not read the thread. I NEVER said people should NOT wear a safety belt. I just said it should be a personal choice. You are comparing apples and oranges for the sake of arguing, and on top it, completely missing the point. Oh, and didn't you say that it's against the law in England? So they are forcing you, I guess you're embarrassed, lol

I don't agree with the government lying to us about WHY they have such a law. If the law is there to "save lives", then why do they hand out fines? Why not suspend people's drivers license? The answer is because they only want the MONEY.

This is not about other health and safety laws, so quit changing the subject. This is about seat-belts. What the heck do warehouses and high visibility vests have to with anything? If you work in a warehouse, and your employer requires you to wear that, then you will wear it or not have a job, that is plain and simple. When I am driving the vehicle that is MY PROPERTY that is completely different. Not wearing a seat-belt in your car should be left up to you to decide. Now, when it comes to children, that is a different story, I think that young/small children should be properly belted in at all times.

Some people do NOT feel safe in seat-belts, and there are known dangers to them, that is a fact. You can argue that they are safer wearing one, but the bottom line is it is still a decision that effects NOBODY else's safety but THEIRS in the end. Having the cops just pull you over for not wearing a seat-belt is ridiculous, and if they were actually serious about it, they would impose REAL penalties, and not just monetary ones.

We have enough money problems in this country right now, we don't need to be handing more money back to the G for some ridiculous crap like not wearing a seat belt.

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