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Originally Posted by JB Rattlesnake
You are right Dave, Americans like to have freedoms. Americans who have their head screwed on straight don't like the government creating bull-crap laws that are designed to soak the people out of more money.

I said nothing about not giving medical attention to people, that is ridiculous. You are completely missing the bigger point. You say it's not worth complaining about, and that's your opinion, but it's matter of principle. Is it the biggest issue in our nation? No, but I do think it is an issue.

Your argument is not really an argument at all, it's just pretty much, "oh, well they are gonna do it anyway". I don't buy into that mindset. Like I said, it's not like it's the most pressing issue, I just keep seeing the ads more and more, so I figured I would spark a conversation. I could have started ANOTHER thread about what Obama screwed up this week, but I figured this was a little outside the box.

What IS sad, is thinking that people don't even care if the government does step in and start making decisions for us. dont think people should wear Saftey belts. I would be embarissed if my government had to force the wearing of saftey belts.

Do you feel the same way about all health and safety laws Do you believe you should go running into weahouses without Hi-Vis Vests?? Would you seriously fight a rule that forced you to do that???
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