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Originally Posted by Black Mamba
Would you rather pay the fines of a ticket or pay with your life? I rather be alive and take the ticket, then 6 feet under with worms eating my flesh. And then think about the cost of the ticket and traffic school verses the cost to put bury or cremate your loved one. Yes, I agree the ticket is another way for the state to make money off you, but I prefer giving the state $100 then paying up burial costs.
Well, if you are wearing the seat-belt you won't have to cough up the $100.

Still, if you look at the statistics, it's not like the increased seat-belt use has really put a huge dent in the number auto deaths either. I am sure it has helped somewhat, but it's also worth noting that the people who release the statistics are also the same ones pushing the click it or ticket campaign.
These stats show that the numbers have been hovering in the same area for 25 years, even with the increased number of people using seat-belts. If I had to take a guess at why their stats showing the fatality rate being so low in 2008, I would attribute it to less people driving due to high fuel costs.

Again, I am not anti-seat belt, just anti government bull-crap. If they wanna save lives, their are a lot of other ways to do it. Why do they need the money? Why not just suspend somebody's drivers license?
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