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Originally Posted by que
it took me a long time to realize this, but after his dominating performance last night i realize that GSP is a legend. he will most likely go down as the greatest UFC fighter (and maybe even the greatest MMA fighter) of all time. he is a legend and he is only 27 years old, which is crazy. if he can get by alves i don't see anyone beating him in his weight class, ever
it might be a little early to be calling GSP a legend,,

GSP is just a really good fighter in the UFC right now and although i think he will do things in the sport in the future to solidify himself as one of the greatest fighters to ever step into the octagon for now i will just wait and see,,but to say he is a legend might be a little premature,,

MATT HUGHES is a legend,,George may be on his way but he's not quiet there yet,
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