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Originally Posted by MattHughesRocks
I do believe that seatbelts save lives and I'm sure it SUCKS to go scrape someone off the pavement but with that being said...I feel that if your 18 or older you should be able to make that choice for yourself ( not for children) and if it's your job to scrape people off the pavement and you can't then find another job.That's what my tax dollars pay you fools for

I personanlly always wear one because I don't want to be a scrapee.
I had a close friend who died in a car accident in 2002, after he hit an electrical poll. The truck went up the guide-wire that anchored the poll to the ground and the truck flipped back over front before hitting the poll. He was thrown from the truck about 100 feet and the power lines came down on top of him. The investigators told his parents later that if he had been wearing his seatbelt he would have been impaled inside the truck. Either way, whats done is done, but at least they were able to keep him alive long enough for us to say goodbye.

I don't bring that up as some sort of argument against seat-belts, because I am sure that they do save lives in many cases. I don't wear my seat-belt all the time, but sometimes I do. I just think it's a personal choice, and what really irks me is that government acts like the reason they do this IS to save lives, but we all know it's really about money. I will say that I agree with having kids buckle up, but if you are old enough to drive, you are old enough to make the choice also.
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