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Yes the commercials are annoying, but I do think it's a good idea. I'll come back after I'm done with finals to fully respond to this since I have to study, but I'm going to leave you with these points to ponder:

A seatbelt saved my Mom's life. If she wasn't strapped in, she wouldn't be here now. She used to be the type that never really worn her seatbelt because it felt weird. Luckily, on that particular rainy day she was strapped in.

Do you know anyone who's survived a car crash that had been ejected from their car? Everyday my Mom and I drive past a turn where 3 young lives were lost because they weren't wearing their seatbelt. Yes, they were drunk and yes they were going to fast, but a seatbelt could have saved their life. Ironically enough, one person did survived that crash and it was the person wearing the seatbelt.

Would you rather pay the fines of a ticket or pay with your life? I rather be alive and take the ticket, then 6 feet under with worms eating my flesh. And then think about the cost of the ticket and traffic school verses the cost to put bury or cremate your loved one. Yes, I agree the ticket is another way for the state to make money off you, but I prefer giving the state $100 then paying up burial costs.
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