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Originally Posted by Spiritwalker
He was like!!!! and and even some..

he saw the fight and went... now he is being all cause he is

war bj
go easy on Preach,,sure he talked a lot of smack but after the fight he came on and had this to say,,

"BJ lost I am sad and I am going to bed. I told ya I would comeon here win or lose and here I am. GSP dominated and showed that he is in a league of his own. BJ needs to stay at 155"

we all talked a lot of smack and although i dont know Preach at all he has my respect for coming on here and saying what he did after the fight,
i know there are a number of you that think i'm way over the top from time to time but i will never kick anyone when they are down,,unless they ask for it like a few of the die hard bleeding heart BJ fans on here that just dont seem to believe GSP beat cry baby J fair and square, to you guys i say,,bring it on,,

but to you preach, i look forward to our future prefight tussles and after you have time to get over this one i'm sure you will to,,
and not only am i a little sad for you i'm a little sad for BJ too,,he should have kept his mouth shut and stayed down a 155 where he belongs.

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