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Originally Posted by Jason 16
he won by the skin of his teeth
Kim won the first round and I think Karo won second round and barely won the third.
Karo looked bad and looked zapped of any energy at all. He did'nt look like his normal self at all. I guess hes still reeling from injuries or those panic attacks and I'm sure that was on back of his mind.
However; I hope being in Greg Jacksons camp will improve his skills and mindset. I think hes got loads of talent to be a contender in that division.
I think he needs to work on his wrestling and muy tai more not that im an expert or anything.
Plus Karo needs to invest in a good mouth piece I know ppl hate his attitude but hes not the only fighter thats got a cocky attitude on him..

Just Kim's got a bright future in this sport got talent and size to be a threat to anyone..
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