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Originally Posted by bradwright
now now,,we all know BJs no quitter,,case in point,,after taking one of the more ,,lets say ,,BEATINGS OF HIS LIFE,,he still cant seem to get his mouth to quit running excuse,,so no BJ is no quitter and i'm not sure how anybody could see it any other way really,,
and as far as the fight went i actually watched in between rounds when his brother asked him if he wanted to go on and BJ just stood there hanging onto the fence with his head down,,thats when BJs brother turned to the doctor and said thats it while motioning with his hand by his neck ,,
if he didn't throw in the towel so to speak yes BJ would have went back out there and GSP would have pounded on him for another 5 minutes,
so all you BJ fans can hold your heads high because no matter what anybody says BJ would have never quit he would have went back out there laid down on the mat and let GSP pound on him some more,,its to bad really,,because i for one would have liked to have seen that,,
Well, he didn't tell his brother NOT to stop the fight. That's the same as quitting.

Honestly, I wouldn't care but he's the one who said, "If you tap out from strikes, you're a little bitch." Like warriorlion said:
Originally Posted by warriorlion
SO quiting on your stool makes you......
If BJ hadn't of opened his mouth, I wouldn't say anything about him quitting, but he opened the can of worms by mouthing off. Karma's a bad bad thing!
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