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Originally Posted by JB Rattlesnake
You missed the point.

The report itself, and the surrounding controversy has really brought steroids to the forefront of discussion amongst ALL sports, not just baseball, and it really started about 10 years ago after Sosa and McGwire hit a billion HR's in 98. Also, things HAVE changed, just look at what happened to Manny last week. It's not ONLY Mitchell, but he is the one who has led the investigation, and the whole controversy will ultimately effect the entire history of our nation's past-time. That trumps anything Dana has done IMO.

Dana White has not created something out of nothing. The UFC was already there. He just made some investments that paid off, like the reality show. Really, the UFC is still not much more than blip on the radar in the mainstream of pro-sports, and until it grows further, it's gonna be hard for ANYTHING they do to truly effect the landscape of pro-sports. Dana did manage to change the overall perception of the sport, which I applaud him for, but there is still a ways to go.

I make it no secret that I am not Dana's biggest fan, but I do respect what he has done for MMA, and I am fair when giving my opinion of him.
I concur
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