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Originally Posted by JB Rattlesnake
Please show me a source to back up that claim. Like I said, simply making a statement that Iran basically balks at is NOT direct talks.

Dave, there is no talking to the Iranians. Don't you think if we could have worked this problem out a long time ago we would have? We are talking about IRAN, not a civilized nation.
No...JB I dont

When you say "work this problem out" you dont mean discuss and come to a decision, you mean "when Iran does what we say" The problem with this is Iran is doing something within itself. Who has authority over any soverign nation but themselves.

Did anyone stop you from making Nuclear Bombs?? Does anyone have the right to tell another Country what to do in its homeland? The fact they dont immediately give into your demands does not make them "uncivilized" at all. They might be third world, and they might be ruthless and evil...but "uncivilized" They are not a hoard of Barbarians, they are quite a united front, they know what they want, and they know what their rights as a Soverign Nation are.

Dont dehumanize or belittle your enemies, they dont shrink in reality when you write them off as fools. KNOW your enemies. Do you know anything about Iran? Dont under-estimate them. These are not fools, they are not Iraq, and they are not Afghanistan, its not a dictatorship whose country is oppressed, or a band of rebels and clans...Iran is industrialized Nation, and verging on Nuclear Capabilities OF THEIR OWN invention. They should be treated as extremely dangerous...unlike Saddam who played sillybeggers but didnt really have the WMD...if Iran had them, I honnestly think you wouldnt be needing the United Nations to confirm that fact....and their target wont be a terror campaign against will be Modern Warfare against Israel.

So you see, these are not uncivilized beasts, anymore then the Nazi Party of 1940s Germany. These are TRUE danger, you will have to use your MINDS and WITS to fight these guys, aswell as your Might. The good thing about this is GOD is on your side. GOD was on our side during the War against Germany. GOD inspired Morals into certain High Ranking Military Nazi in Germany just before the war, and had them Step Aside, so that Fanatics could whisper in Hitlers Ear, rather then true Military Tactitions...and it paid off...When Hitler had driven the British back to the Channel, rather then taking England, which he could have done....the Fanatics whispered, that Russia was for the taking aswell, why not DO BOTH.

GOD also inspired the recluse nation of America who hid behind their long distance, to get angry and to come to our aid right when we needed them.

If this ends in least GOD is on OUR side and not theres...but dont under-estimate the possibility of diplomacy to get to some of the Elite..If you cant bring a Nation down, do something so they bring themselves down...I dont know the facts, but didnt Iran have a particularly violent Revolution at one know...those Military leaders I told you about in Germany...They came so close to ending the war in 1944...they attempted a Coup

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