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Originally Posted by Miss Foxy
Im confused
about what???

Since the last general ellection we have had a scandle where people who pay big sums of money to certain political parties, get special offices within those parties...can you say bribe!!!

Then we had an unellected prime minister, who had spent ten years incharge of the countries money, and he led us into the worst recession in ages...he claims its not his fault even though he's been incharge of the countries finances for more then TEN YEARS!

Then we had the speaker of the house allow the police to falsly arrest a Minister and invade parliament.

Then we had the same speaker, create a system where ministers can claim expenses...expenses paid for by public money...except they somehow managed to spend it on their mortgages, or home decoration projects, or home furnishing projects...and that only came to light because someone leaked it to the newspapers!!

We have the government refuse to honnour and appear at the Normandy memorials, and refuse to pay for the troops who fought in those wars to return even though its the last year before those troops dispand their association since they are so old.

Finally, we have the fact that during the wars, the British called upon a foreign Legion known as the Gurkhars...they were part of the armed forces...only the Government wont let them live in this country!! they are denied the right to become citizens and yet they fought as part of our armed forces in the past

The Archbishop of canterbury says that parts of Sharia Law should become legal in England (he's head of the Anglican Church and he's promoting Islamic Law???) Then he said the Church should become dis-established...this is the church which was made specifically established under King Henry.

Ohhh...and we legalized Gay marriage in churches...not that there has been any takers outside of the priesthood itself...and yesterday the BBC made an Islamist head of its Religious Directorate...its the BRITISH BROADCASTING in a Christian Country...and their head of Religion is a Muslim!!!

You think the US has it bad

What exactly of the above do you not understand
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