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Of course they will talk...they just wont aggree to change their minds

I read it in the paper.

He hasnt sat down with them yet, but he's opened up the diplomatic channels...and they are willing to talk to him...of course they are hoping to make America change its mind...that is why for the first time the Iranians sent a Congratulatory note to him when he won the Presidency.

Now whether they ever do actually talk, will probably depend on when they have something to talk about, the point is he has opened Diplomatic Channels. It is an achievement even if it comes to nothing...

What you dont seem to understand is that for the first time your Enemies are willing to speak with the Administration because it is new, and liberal, they are in effect trying to win the Administration over to their views. But I'm sure Obama knows that....Russia is behaving in exactly the same way even when Obama said he still plans to go ahead with Starwars...they suddenly removed Missiles from the planned boarder in the hope they can talk him out of it.

It he won the vote by being good at speaking, perhaps he CAN delude your enemies by speech aswell.
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