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Originally Posted by Psykojojo
wow, just wow. I'm amazed by these 'dog eat dog' people. Really? you think it's ok to run a business this way? You think it's ok to bully people? to ruin businesses and, more importantly....lives, and all just to put aliiiittle more money in the bank? I'm absolutly POSITIVE you'd think differently if you and your business were the ones in Dana's crosshairs. If he had targeded you for destruction like a pastey, pudgy, bald headed terminator, just because he felt that you MIGHT get in his way. It's so easy to say "blah blah thats business, get over it man" and " hur hur, it's a dog eat dog world guys", thats such a copout, your acting as if your eyes are opened to the ways of the world and the rest of us are idiots just trying to catch-up. Seriously, explain to me why is this ok. Is it because Dana is rich? Hell, I'd be rich if I robbed a bank, would that make me a successful businessman? How about if I married some rich 80 yr old chick and poisoned her. I know those are alittle extreme but they all have something in common, they are immoral. If Dana was some kind of business genius, he wouldn't need to destroy all competition till he's all that remains, like he's a friggin highlander.

I guess I'll never be rich guys since this is the way of the world and all, but I'll definatly be able to sleep at night and i won't be remembered as a ruthless d-bag (or as some would call it 'a good businessman'), but rather as a honest man and to me, thats much more important

I am NOT a big Dana White fan, but what he does is a far stretch from marrying a rich old lady and poisoning her.

My problem with Dana is not how he tries to dominate the industry, it's that he does it while grossly under-paying all his talent. That and his potty-mouth.
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