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Default Crisis in The Commons

okay so I havent been publicising this, but for several months now, the Government has been under attack because of its policies surrounding the expenses of Ministers of Parliament.

I'm sure everyone remembers the scandle during the late Blairite Term when there was disclosed that certain people were given Titles (peerage) for giving large donations to certain parties and groups....well its just another example of corruption in our Government, that recently a number of leaks gave the impression that Ministers were wasting taxpayers money by claiming for things on their expenses accounts which they shouldnt.

The person in charge of the system, is The Speaker of The House of Commons. He's party Neutral, but he chairs all the discussions, chosing who gets to speak and when. He blocked the motion to disclose the expenses...

...but last week, he lost the war...and we discovered that ministers have been getting illegal tax reductions on multiple homes they own, we discover that they used taxpayers money for all kinds of travel, house decorating, and buying furniture and stuff like that.

The Ministers blamed the Speaker, because the Speaker allowed the claims to be validated.

The leader of the Opposition party, David Cameron, came out and said that he would make anyone guilty in his party repay the money, or they could forget being part of his party.

Obviously things got out of control in the commons when it was discussed and the Speaker tried to silence his critics. Remember, he's impartial and not supposed to get involved. He had an emotional outburst in the commons, and a day later...he did the same thing...wagging his fingers at the Ministers. He doesnt care that the minister wasted taxpayers money. He cares that someone in the government leaked the information to the press. Well...Dont they have a moral duty to the citizens of the country to expose corrupt politicians...even if it means they have to break certain codes of conduct?? When one of the Ministers suggests that to the Speaker...he basically tells he that her job is just to make nice governmental quotes...his job carries real responsibilities...hahahaha not for much longer methinks!!

Speaker Martin was already disliked for allowing the police to ransack the offices of certain Ministers, he tries to blame it on someone else LMAO!!

They are hoping he resigns before they take a Vote of No Confidence

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