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Originally Posted by Tyburn
1) I was expecting for him to be better then Okay
2) Yes I'll admit he cares even though he only coached in the Trials the one HE wanted to win, and most of HIS choices lost...meaning, he now tutors the guy he coached against during the trial
3) Not hard enough to get to the United States in time for the American Trials, and not Hard enough to make the fight of the first guy who lost
4) We dont know if thats Bispings work, or really the unity of the group itself from the House. I havent seen an overt showing of unity yet speerheaded by Bisping
5) I'm not sure thats true of the guy whose fight he missed

6) I'm not even sure I believe his story...jetlagged after a whole week or so? Cooincodence he missed the fight of a guy bound to loose once his opponent was known...?

7)the whole Island is down two of which could REALLY have used Bispings help during the fight

8) Forgive? well its not really up to me to forgive him is it. I'm just calling it like I see it. I give props when he does well and criticism when he does badly.

Lets see how the rest of the event works out

Ha ha you wasnt expecting anything from him but to kick him in the teeth.

Wow that is emotive, the Whole island being down two, one of those wasn't his fault and yes Dean needed him and Bisping is silly for that but if it wasnt jetlag it was something else with good reason.

annd don't give me crap about him knowing he'd lose and not wanting to turn up to see it, he is smart enough to realise that a no show looks even worse. His done wrong, he knows it and everybody knows it but i will let him carry on with the job, and so far bar that, he has beenn good.

He has been goading the American team, deflecting attention from his guys, and DID YOU NOTICE when he told the team not to play silly games, prannks, stick to the task. Thats seems like good team spirit to me.

Deans disapointment tells me of the spirit and leadership Bisping shows, look at that whole team and how they listen and respond to him.

i thought Bisping showed some real care with Stapleton. I know there are plenty of criticisms, i just think that those are the only you dwell on.
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