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Originally Posted by Jonlion

1)And so far he has been ok, 2) he obviously cares about the team, 3) he has been working hard. 4) There is good team unity, 5) they all like and respect him.

6) Yeah it was a huge mistake and he is embarrased, and he feels it, he feels it from USA and from Hendo but like i say he is remorseful and knows that he really messed up.

7) I, like the rest of the team out of patrotism forgive him for his mistakes so the whole Island as a whole can advance on the matter rather than dwell on it.

8) Gotta look at the bigger picture Dave, Britain asks you to forgive the Count!
1) I was expecting for him to be better then Okay
2) Yes I'll admit he cares even though he only coached in the Trials the one HE wanted to win, and most of HIS choices lost...meaning, he now tutors the guy he coached against during the trial
3) Not hard enough to get to the United States in time for the American Trials, and not Hard enough to make the fight of the first guy who lost
4) We dont know if thats Bispings work, or really the unity of the group itself from the House. I havent seen an overt showing of unity yet speerheaded by Bisping
5) I'm not sure thats true of the guy whose fight he missed

6) I'm not even sure I believe his story...jetlagged after a whole week or so? Cooincodence he missed the fight of a guy bound to loose once his opponent was known...?

7)the whole Island is down two of which could REALLY have used Bispings help during the fight

8) Forgive? well its not really up to me to forgive him is it. I'm just calling it like I see it. I give props when he does well and criticism when he does badly.

Lets see how the rest of the event works out
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