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Yeah from previous Weeks the camera's have led me to dislike Dollar but in fairness that Pierce guy would probably annoy me and fair play to Dollar, he manned up and finished stapleton who did seem an imtimidating propasistion.

He sorta reminds me of that Mike fella who was Matt Hughes top man, great fighter,, has all the credentials but when it comes to it, sadly chokes.

So i have an improved view of Dollar and i hope Stapleton goes onto better things.

As for Wilks v Lester, well i disliked Lester, seemed a bit of an idiot to me and what irony that he gets his teeth knocked out.

Was i the only one who thought it was an atrocious fight, i mean i enjoyed it but there abilities to me seemed poor. Maybe i am wrong because no one else said it but i can't see either going very far.

I dont think Wilks has done nothing wrong by being in America, all this traitor nonsense is a load of bullsh@T.

And what can Bisping do, he unreservedly apoligised, he said it was stupid, he has no excuses and only hopes that dean can forgive him. He seemed genuinely bad and is plainly embarrased.

Yes it makes him look bad, he knows that and so i don't see much need to kick a man more when he is down.
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