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Originally Posted by Miss Foxy
How do you know who paid for the shoes? Did you personally charge the government VISA? Chances are no one did they were probably just given to her. All I'm saying is leave the mans family out of it and of course she is going to be in the public sector as you say.. She is after all the 1st lady whether you or I like it.
You must not have read what I wrote very well cause I didn't accuse her of using Government money! In fact I was saying I really don't care about the Shoes but do find the double standard interesting. Also I really think She brought my criticism on herself! Normally I do leave family out of things but when they become more than supporting family they can expect a response! Let me give you an example! I don't like the Clintons and never did. But other than that one time that Chelsea got an attitude over a question I don't see the need to attack her. She's the Kid and not a politician! The same with Obama's kids! They can't help who their parents are and they ain't politicians! So they are off limits! Mrs Obama on the other hand has to me made herself a politician! Now if theirs still somebody that don't understand that I really don't care about the Shoes other than to point out the difference in how her and Palin were treated I give up!
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