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He slept in?? Thats all Bisping had to say about missing the fight last week? So much for representing England. Its a scandle that isnt worth talking about, not least because I'm not sure I believe him. One is not supposed to be Jet-lagged a week after arrival, thats a poor excuse. I've been to the United States myself...I dont think after a week of climatization you can still claim to be jetlagged

So Bisping cant manage to get a visa and show up on time, and then cant manage to get to one of his teams fights a week after arrival and cites jetlag?

You know, Cameron Dollar has been depicted as a little bit immature, but I'm not sold that he's actually that much of an arse. I think it was kinda nice to finally see a fighter say that he gets nervous, possibly suffers from anxiety and is very scared when he comes to fight. He admitted that his standup was not very good, however, after a thirty second feel out, it might have been his striking that knocked marting stapleton off his guard. Although Stapleton got the take-down its fascinating that Cameron would then choose to stand and go for a take-down himself. Not clever to give up the back position as martin did, and he ended up getting choked out. I cant help but be a little happy for Dollar. I dont think he was supposed to win that one, and whilst Stapleton will go on to better things, I reckon that it will be nice to see more of Dollar...though I doubt he will pass the next round.

Frank on the otherhand, has to be considered as the weekling of the American Team, and he's so rude about Wilks. Some of it might be to do with the fact that james wilks has lived in the US for the last decade, and so he's seen as Americanized and thus considered a traitor. Henderson explains it away by saying he's emotional, but he seems more like uncontrolable. Despite the calm down pep talk from Henderson, Frank still shows no signs of being calm. He also rivals Demarques for the swear box!

Demarques does nothing but encourage him "hundred bucks a tooth, hundred bucks a tooth" he squeals...

The round started in Franks favour, he may not have taken the centre but he was certainly the aggressor and was doing well. Infact Wilks didnt really switch on until he got flawed and the ground and pound began. But then the tables were turned when he switched into a leg lock, when they went back to their feet frank was chased, thrown and pushed, and ended up receiving a knee in the clinch which knocked a tooth out in the last moment of the round

When the between round time was over, Lester was still trying to get the tooth out of his mouthguard so it would fit back in his mouth. Bisping went well over the top calling on the Ref to stop the fight. Anything to get an easy win I suppose. Its not that I think Bisping was wrong, its just I really feel he should shut his mouth because he's hardly a leading example when it comes to being an authority symbol (like the Ref) and making a call (like sleeping in rather then attending a fight) But with Stapleton taking an unexpected tumble, I think Michael didnt want to miss an opportunity to end the fight.

But the Ref called a time out instead whilst they extracted a tooth from the mouthgaurd of lester and the round went on. It would be two thirds of the second before James Wilks won by armbar. Though Frank Lester stinks, At least he continued to fight after his tooth got knocked out. Thats something to be proud of, I suppose
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