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Default Saint Paul's Cathedral and Westminster Abbey

Despite what you hear, the City of London is only a Square Mile in size, it only holds One Cathedral, that of a dedication to Saint Paul, which stands on the site of an Old Monastic Foundation. Almost noone lives in London, its almost completely Business and 4o odd tiny parish Churches with next to no congregation. The Cathedral belongs to the People, and if the Queen wishes to enter, she must ask the Dean of Saint Paul's since it is NOT Her Cathedral. The Ranks are considered extremely important, The more senior you are the further back you come BUT this is subject to one whose property you stand. In the first Video the ArchBishop walks AHEAD of London, because it is LONDON Cathedra which is in Saint Paul's The Monarchy only gets to walk behind him BECAUSE she is Defender of The Faith Categorically NOT because she is also Queen.

But the Seat of Power has always been The City of Westminster. Where The Queen has her own Cathedral (A Royal Pecular) Known as WestMinster Abbey.

London has many Boroughs and within those Boroughs lie many other Cathedrals, Lambeth holds The Roman Catholic Cathedral of Saint George, Southwalk holds Southwalk Anglican Cathedral, North London holds Saint Aulbans Anglican Abbey, and WestMinster holds The Roman Catholic Cathedral of Westminster.


The Entrance Processional of HM The Queen, Including Canterbury, London, and the Lord Mayor with the Sword.

Charles Williams, Preachers Verger, doing his duty. This Video does well in highlighting the decor of SPC

The Magnificent Reccessional of HM The Queen, paying close attention to The Lord Mayor of London and his Sword.


The Processional for The Funeral of Dianna, Princess of Wales. It is a rendition of the Funerial Sentances taken from Scripture and a single prayer from The Book of Common Prayer.

The Recessional for The Funeral of Dianna, Princess of Wales. This is one of the Tracks I hope to have at my Funeral, its soooooo moving

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