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Personally, I believe that any doctor who performs an abortion should be convicted of murder in a court of law. The mother should also be convicted using the same charges that we level against people who pay a "hitman" to kill another person. All the nurses, assistants, receptionists, family members and anyone knowingly involved in the abortion should be charged with being an accessory to murder.

Anyone who approves of abortion or doesn't consider it the #1 most important issue in our nation today, is also culpable and has the blood of over 40 million children on their conscience. Just like those German citizens who knew about the concentration camps in Nazi Germany and did nothing.

Unfortunately, our law system is simply not set up that way. So there is nothing we can do but vote for anti-abortion politicians and make our opinions heard whenever possible.

I do believe this is the primary issue in our nation and it's the #1 criteria that I use to determine who I vote for. I don't care where they stand on any other issue, if they are pro-abortion, then I'm not going to vote for them. I wouldn't vote for a Nazi, no matter what kind of tax plan or healthcare plan he had, and I won't vote for anyone who supports abortion for the exact same reason.

Now, I don't advocate violence to solve this issue, but I won't rule it out either. Violence was ultimately necessary to stop slavery in America and the Nazis in Europe. So it might eventually be necessary to stop abortion as well.
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