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Originally Posted by Jonlion
I remain unconvinnced about Global Warming. I of course believe we should treat the earth better and look at cleaner ways but the fact Politicians and the "stars" who sing at concerts try to make me feel bad about going on planes to travel, to have holidays we as workers deserve then thats when it makes me mad and want to say to hell with it!
Global Warming is real...but so is Global cooling.

People think that we are responsible for it. thats not quite true. Global Warming happens naturally, all we are doing is speeding the process up. I hasten to add Global Cooling is natural aswell, and that will happen when we tip the ratio of carbon...its a natural defence mechanism for the Earth.

So I dont think we will destroy the planet through Global warming, but the planet might destory us in its Global Cooling stage. Its actually works on Water

A natural flow of water keeps the earth warm, thats why England at the same lattitude as parts of Canada is warm during winter, when canada is not. Now as the carbon level rises (this happens naturally through waste gasses from almost every living thing including plants) the atmosphere traps more heat. The pole caps melt.

They release cold water, and that puts out the warmth of the sea. This means things freeze and snow and Ice are produced. Snow and ice reflect the heat out into space and give time for the carbon ballence to be restored...then the earth begins to heat again.

All we are doing is speeding the process up. Which means the cooling stage will be more violent. We're only a danger to ourselves in this.
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