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Originally Posted by Jonlion

1)I got to stop you there, me personally i wouldn't bow to the Queen, she is no better than me and i am not subserviant to her or anyone for that matter.
1) yes you are, and I guarentee if you were in her presence you would think differently.

Before you think I'm being rude...I have been in her Presence...Though I wasnt addressing her at the time, so there was no need to bow. But I have bowed to many. The Lord Bishop of London, The ArchBishop of Canterbury...and every single person I led from a-b in the Cathedral started by greeting them with a bow, and ended by greeting them with a bow.

Heck I still do it now, when a car stops and lets me cross...its not a sign of submission, its a sign of respect. Just like when you walk past someone you know and you "nod" or when you salute someone more important then yourself in the Armed Forces...its doesnt mean Submission so much as Respect.

Your not so much bowing at the person, your respecting their office. I had to bow to Martin Warner, as a person, I hated the guy, and he hated me, but he had to bow to me in such circumstances also. I repected his office of Canon, he respected my office of Verger

but we didnt respect each other as people at all.

Its polite, its courtesy, its a matter of ettiquette
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