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Originally Posted by Spiritwalker
First off the US will not tuck tail cause the UN says to..

responsible is a strong word .. he may had had to put them in harms way.. but had Saddam just complied with the UN.. Bush wouldn't have had to force Saddam's hand..

Oh yeah.. another country that didn't give a damn about the UN.. and what about our allies... that went with us..
Why not? The United States doesnt have any authority outside of her dont rule the world, and like it or not, if you mess with another country, and need support, you need dont get friends if you arent respectful of them. Why do you expect Saddam to comply with the United Nations IF YOU WONT?

Your allies that went with you faced attacks because they sided with you. Various bombings, including the bombing of London in 2005. Your Allies were attacked because they stood with you, thats what happened to your allies.

You wonder why there is a wane in support for the United States...if Europe treated you, like you treated them, you'd be the first to get angry. What if A state in Europe thought that the replacement for Obama in Chicago was a complete scandal...which I hear it was...and wanted to "Liberate" the people of Illinois...and so without consultation mounted a campaign to Invade?...but didnt bother going to the UN because they never solve anything.

How would you feel if you were treated that way? You are ONLY independant and Soverign WITHIN your boarders...Iraq is NOT within your Boarders...therefore if you want to act comply by INTER-National Law.

America of course ALWAYS turns to the UN to sort Israel out, because they havent the balls to tell her when she is wrong! You talk about Hypocrasy...there you are.

Now that all the parties are Hypocrits, perhaps we can get on with our lives?
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