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Originally Posted by rockdawg21
How could this not have been reported? Obama authorized 20.3 million dollars of taxpayers' money to fund for migration Palestinians and refugees in Gaza, supposed "conflict victims" of Hamas. This is such BS!

This is right from the U.S. Government Printing Office
Sounds to me like its coming from an "Emergency Fund" in other words...Your taxes already paid enough to fill some kinda fund, and they are using a proportion of that fund to help Palastinian displacement. I expect thats the same fund the probably used to help clear up things like tornado displacement, hurricane displacement, flood displacement.

The Fund evidently has MORE then the figure stated because it clearly says that the sum if FROM the fund and gives a maximum figure to ringfence.

Why shouldnt the government choose what to spend that on? its already allocated monies...he's not charging you extra for this. I got that just from reading the script.

The way you've written this makes it sound like Obama has suddenly started a new fund...thats misleading, he's simply deciding what to spend from a displacement fund. Whats the problem with that? So long as he has enough in the fund to cover his own displacement...whats your problem? Thats 20Million was specifically allocated into a fund for displacement emergencies...and he's spending it on..a I dont see what the issue is...its money that you'd give to this fund whether it went to Palastine or not. This is at no extra cost to you. So your complaint is a little bit off. A govenmental fund for emergency displacement...and you have a bone to pick with what displacement they choose to spend it on??? It even says it can be international, like paying for charity work or non governmental organisations...what?? would you rather it went to a different place like The International Red Cross or something?? I imagine the US doesnt need to draw on this fund to probably has specific emergency funds for disastors...this is simply for displacement. might only be available to spend on...say temporary Housing for people who lost their homes in Katrina...the rebuilding would not be paid for, thats damage not displacement...there isnt 20million pounds worth I dont think...I suppose you could argue they shouldnt have such a large budgit for that particular fund...but...

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