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Originally Posted by County Mike
Mixed feelings last night. Stapleton seems like a decent fellow so I hope he still makes it in the UFC. Was surprised that Cameron was so afraid but ended up winning.

Then, I was rooting for the American in the second fight and he started out doing pretty well with the striking. Don't really care about the teeth thing. I'm not sure if they noticed the teeth issue until he tried to put the mouthpiece back in. When the second round started, he just looked like he didn't want to fight anymore. I guess getting his teeth knocked out demoralized him. At that point, I was just waiting for him to lose. I stopped rooting for him. Zero effort at an armbar escape.
Agree that was just a realy bad night for him
its just seems that he handles the nerves diffrently he did say he is that way every fight
He realy could have gotten out of that his head just was not in it any more cant realy blame him getting your teeth kneed out has to suck. some fighters freak out when they get cut haveing 4 teeth knocked out has to be a hell of alot worse
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