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Originally Posted by rockdawg21
I already admitted that I'm a hater, but my argument isn't without legitimate points, we just don't agree on those points

I'm just being lazy about writing and I'm not as creative as those writers (ironically, I sell library books for a living ), but the quotes are exactly what I've been saying to my friends. However, they agree with me unlike you

And your last statement is just ridiculous. If the guy was white, hispanic, asian, etc. and acted like that, I wouldn't like him. Mayorga is a Hispanic guy; he has the same attitude, it's why I don't like him either (however, I haven't paid any attention to him since he lost to DLH). Anyways, that's Mayweather's thing, and it works well for him because he sells tickets. I'll admit, I'd imagine in real life, he's an alright guy when he's not putting on a show to sell tickets. Yes, he's the guy to chase so he doesn't really have to drop a weight class to fight Marquez, but if he really wanted to cement a legacy, he'd of stepped up in class after he cleared out his own weight class.
I said it's NOT about race, but it is about culture. You don't like Mayweather because how you perceive him, but the flashiness is really just a part of how he hypes the fight. A lot of fighters and athletes do it. Floyd has been over the top in interviews at times, and he is flashy,but aside from that all things point to Mayweather being a very nice and well liked person. Still, I understand that some people just don't like him, and that's fine. That's how it goes! Lord knows I have teams and athletes I just can't stand

Mayweather DID step up in weight. He started at Super Featherweight, then went to lightweight, junior welterweight, and then welterweight. What more do you want? Sure, lots of people are critical of Mayweather, and they always point to the same things, and I will constantly disagree, but there are also a lot of people who DO see Mayweather as already having cemented his legacy as one of the best P4P fighters ever.

I also think that a lot of the writers in most of the mainstream media are VERY fickle when it comes to their reporting on current Boxers. They flow with the flavor of the week and are quick to kick fighters to the curb in an effort to make a story that ends up on the front page with all the other major sports stories. Today they love Manny, and talk about him like he is Ali, next year when somebody else looks hot, the same writers will dump all over the guy they were just praising.
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