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Originally Posted by JB Rattlesnake
Again, you have conveniently ignored every point I have raised and deferred to opinions given by somebody else. Clearly, you are a hater, which is fine, just admit it.

You don't like his style? What can I say to that? I'm sorry. Too bad.

No catch-weight for Hatton? Oh yeah, like Floyd is the only boxer to do that, besides the fact that Floyd was the welterweight champion so Ricky had to come up to fight for the title...

Not coming down for Marquez? Why should he? It's a tune-up fight. Floyd is the big ticket, he is the only reason we are talking about Marquez right now. Coming up in weight is always easier than going down at this stage anyway.

You and all the other haters just can't stand the fact that a little flashy black guy with a big-mouth when it comes to hype has actually dominated the Boxing world for 10 years. I'm NOT saying it's a race thing, but it's definitely a culture thing. Although I do find it funny that at the same time people who hate Floyd will praise Ali in the same breath. Unbelievable.
I already admitted that I'm a hater, but my argument isn't without legitimate points, we just don't agree on those points

I'm just being lazy about writing and I'm not as creative as those writers (ironically, I sell library books for a living ), but the quotes are exactly what I've been saying to my friends. However, they agree with me unlike you

And your last statement is just ridiculous. If the guy was white, hispanic, asian, etc. and acted like that, I wouldn't like him. Mayorga is a Hispanic guy; he has the same attitude, it's why I don't like him either (however, I haven't paid any attention to him since he lost to DLH). Anyways, that's Mayweather's thing, and it works well for him because he sells tickets. I'll admit, I'd imagine in real life, he's an alright guy when he's not putting on a show to sell tickets. Yes, he's the guy to chase so he doesn't really have to drop a weight class to fight Marquez, but if he really wanted to cement a legacy, he'd of stepped up in class after he cleared out his own weight class.
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