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I also agree with this analysis:

...So afraid of losing is Mayweather that I wouldn't be surprised if he watched Hatton's eyes rolling around in the back of his head after the Pacquiao knockout and is now sharply reconsidering whether he wants to fight him. Mayweather, contrary to his reputation, hasn't always avoided his stiffest challenges. He used to live for them. When Jose Luis Castillo fought Mayweather tooth and nail in their first fight and some thought Castillo deserved the decision win that Mayweather received, Mayweather was EAGER for a rematch. Alas, it was the last time Mayweather took a fight that he had the remotest chance of losing, and that was six years ago. His competition thereafter has been mostly pitiful. I thought the fights with Hatton and De La Hoya were legitimate, but no one thought they presented the stiffest tests. Mayweather can say all he wants that he turned down a multi-million dollar Antonio Margarito bout because he wanted bigger money fights, but he fought the big-hearted but under-talented Carlos Baldomir next for what, according to some accounts, was significantly less cash. I think Mayweather would have thrashed Margarito much as Shane Mosley did. But my impression remains that Mayweather THOUGHT Margarito might beat him. And that's just one instance.

There are plenty other instances that, collectively, add up to Mayweather being scared of losing his undefeated mark. One of them is his choice of Marquez, who has never fought above 135 lbs, and his apparent insistence that Marquez fight him at 147. To a certain degree, I understand it. If you can make millions upon millions beating competition that has very little chance of upsetting you, and you're so one-dimensional that all you talk about is money, wouldn't you do it? Which brings us to another reason Pacquiao-Mayweather may never happen.
It's obviously no secret, I don't like Mayweather's attitude and I hate his fighting style. IMO, 2 counter-punchers, Mayweather vs. Marquez only leads to a boring fight, one that ultimately ends in a decision. However, if he has any balls, he would meet Marquez halfway. At 147, that really doesn't issue a challenge to Mayweather IMO.

Mayweather fought the upper echelon and challenged himself in the past, but anymore, he stacks everything in his favor. He really is a Vegas type. 2 cases in point:
1. No catchweight for Hatton/Mayweather - Hatton moved up another weight class to make the fight happen.
2. As of now, Mayweather's willing to drop a whopping 2 pounds to meet Marquez at 145 when Marquez fights at 135, that's f'ing ridiculous. The fight should be at the weight class between the two fighters - 140, or halfway at the very least.

It's ok, we obviously don't agree, but there's a lot of press bombarding Mayweather and his "talking" instead of "doing" anymore. I side with that, I have for years.

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