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Buzzard, I already responded to your last diatribe last night, if you want to respond to those points that is fine, otherwise I have lost interest in engaging in this debate with you. You claim you are here to ask questions and learn, but all you do is criticize the Christians that are here and rattle off liberal talking points. Then when you say something ignorant you act like you did nothing wrong.

You are posting links from ONE site, a site that obviously has an ANTI DP view. If you and the others can find some links that are not from that site to start making your point, I will stop bringing it up. It's not a total condemnation of the information, but rather a condemnation of your lack of fairness in assessment of the facts. You act as if you don't fall into any category, but yet to you play to the liberal talking points in almost every single post you make. If you don't like the perception you are getting, maybe you should change your method of delivery.
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