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I'll copy my Review from myspace here

Its no secret that the majority of Patrons, myself included have been supporting Jason Dent from the second he steped into the house. A seemingly self admitted introvert, Dent doesnt seem to want to spend much time with the Americans outside of business, he claims its because he's getting to much social interaction, but I think its got more to do with the other personalities on the team. Cameron Dollar is begining to become a slight dissapointment. I was hoping he would be of better character, but there was an exchange very early on in the episode on how the Americans as a team should react to several defeats in a row. Jason, who hangs with the English because they are more mature, opted for the mature approach, stating that they should act as professionals, Cameron Dollar seemed to want to just act like a child, and as is becoming very usual, Mr Johnson simply doesnt know how to emphasize anything without going over the top on the sware bleep.

Dent isnt the only person with this attitude, infact Jason Pierce also likes to spend more time with the British Team, in particular Mr Faulkner, who was Dan Hendersons ideal of the perfect matchup for him. Pierce didnt take to well to the option of fighting someone who he considered had already become a friend.

Andre Winner was the first fight of the night against Santino Defranco. You will remember Defranco as the guy who got into the house dispite losing his first fight. Waylon Lowe should have been in the house, but due to the fact the UFC have made such a thing out of Defranco getting into a previous TUF and then being sent home due to a brain haemorage, my guess is they looked softely upon him.

But thats at the expense of wont shed a tear that the guy got beaten out by Winner. The Fight began with a thirty second feel out, Defranco attempted two takedown attempts, but missed with Winners Sprawl. On their feet, I thought they were quite even however I felt that Defranco was showing better technique, I felt he might have been equally aggressive and he did tend to take Centre quite alot.

The end came when Defranco got the takedown, but failed with two submission attempts and was then susceptable to strikes. Bisping announced that "its not supposed to be this easy"

Dan Henderson just seems to come across as a little bit weak and limp. His pep talks to try and bond the ailing team are luke warm at best, frustrating issues at worst. Deciding that radical action is called for. He decides to play Demarques (his best) against Dean Amasinger (possibly the worst of the UK)

For Deans credit, the guy tried really hard. But from the get go you could tell that Bisping was only giving him a chance, rather then proudly announcing another premature victory. What prooves him to be a real arse is that he didnt bother to show up for the Fight.

Thats just...outrageous. I'm sorry...but thats sooo wrong its unspeakable. Poor Dean Amasinger is sitting in his dressingroom waiting to fight the top USA fighter, and, even his Coach isnt with him.

As predicted the fight was a disastor. He was taken down, and submitted via triangle (which is a move he always falls to and a move Demarques always makes) and after the event...he was left sobbing in his dressing room, with a towel over his head, and although the rest of the team crowded around him...they couldnt hide the glaring silence of a Coach who didnt bother to show up. might have been more or less a dead cert that Amasinger would lose...but to string him up for the wolves and walk away...thats just fukin nasty.

Demarques might be a GOD fearing individual who is seen praying before the match (thankfully not for victory) but...Mg GOD, the guy cant seem to speak without a bleep...that winds me up, because I dont sware often, I find it distasteful...and annoying. He won...but someone still needs to wash his mouth out with soap LOL
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