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Originally Posted by David_Banner
Facts... Are we talking about TKO facts, KO facts, wins by sub facts? ohh, no, you are gossiping about another mans personal life. Come up with a argument that makes sense? Wow, really, Im godsmacked. You are actually trying to argue the validity of your gossiping and personal attacks on another person. Funnier still is you're chalking this up as "oh well, people arent perfect, we all make mistakes, god said so" whilest this whole thread is based of crucifying a man for his....HAHAHAHA

Oh, another point. I made no person attacks.

I said he cheats on his wives (He apparently admits this in his own book),
and I said he goes bad on contracts and refuses to defends his titles.
A known fact among mma fans, he abandon his title.

So.... if stating things he clearly does is an attack then
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