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Originally Posted by David_Banner
Listen, nobody knows why or what has happened. I am truely embarressed at some of the assumptions being made here. "If Kim knew Randy was this type of guy?" Seriously dude, you have no idea what kind of guy Randy is. Randy is a well known athlete, and those type attract all kinds of people. On the women end, most are attractive and self serving to their needs. How ironic is it that a chick marrys Randy, then becomes a fighter? Is it possible there was ulterior motive there? Maybe Randy wanted a women that wouldnt dedide to launch a fighting career once he married her? Surely not! haha
The point I think she is making is that Randy is the Cheating type of guy. No getting around that fact he talks about it in his book. It seems kind of obvious to me that if a person cheats on his wife he will probably do it again.
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