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Originally Posted by VCURamFan
I don't want any terrorists here, dead or alive. Their goal was to come here & destroy my country, I don't want 'em polluting the ground.

Toss their carcasses into the sea.

Burrial at sea? Where they can wash up on your beautiful shores and frighten away your tourist trade? Yeah...good thinking Ben

What about a comprimise.

Burn their bodies, and scatter the ashes at sea.

I suppose, if they were dead you could always send them back from whence they came. I dont suppose any foreign power will care much about a dead Terrorist...they just dont want to be lumbered with what are American Prisoners of War. They are your Prisoners. anyone else fooled by Barack Obama coming out and condemning Torture, and saying that his Administration have put a stop to it and dont use it anymore? LMAO....My Mother was like "Wow, thats fantastic" I was like "yeah, now we can go back to doing it secretly" Your fooling yourself if you believe that suddenly America and Britian dont need to use it anymore.

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