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Originally Posted by Tyburn
there is an easy answer to this. Conviction of a terrorism offense equates to the death penalty...and carry it out at Guantanamo...then you dont need to do anything with them except burrial...and I dont think any Senator will mind sparing a plot of ground to for burrial in their state...after all...if the terrorists are dead...they aint gonna get loooose in the population are they.

Prooves the senators have no faith in their own prison system if they believe the terrorists will get out....thats shocking...what sorta message are they sending out...soooo the American Penal system isnt tough enough to keep international terrorists then??
I don't want any terrorists here, dead or alive. Their goal was to come here & destroy my country, I don't want 'em polluting the ground.

Toss their carcasses into the sea.
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