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Originally Posted by logrus
I dunno, maybe cause we have waited 48 years to hoist the cup (second by the way and first place won the cup). Sheesh even the last time we made the playoffs was in 02, and we pretty much pulled a Cubbies by being swept. Then you have the fact is wasn't to long ago we had the worst record in Hockey.

Besides the Bulls series was the worst I have ever seen in officiating. How the heck can you only give a guy 2 points when he is 3 feet behind the arch. Then to finally correct it in the very late 4th quarter?

Even though the Bulls lost they shut a lot of critics up. They took the champs 7 very tough games, pretty much every game was an overtime. I think they drained the tank. Celtics fall next round even if KG comes back.
I know, and I get it, but honestly I can't get as excited about Hockey as I do about Basketball, Football, or Baseball. Thats just me, but it's funny because I actually was a good hockey player when I was younger. I love the sport, I just don't get as engulfed in it as I do the others.

Oh, and I caught that scoring mess up right when it happened.

Gordon hit the shot, they marked two points on the board, and I said to my friends "that was a 3 pointer, WTF"?! Then they come out at halftime and give them the extra point, then take it away again all in a matter of a minute. Friggin ridiculous.

Yes, the officiating was LOUSY, and what SUCKS the most is that this series will not stand out in history nearly as much as it would have if the Bulls had won. I don't even care about the next round, Lebron and the Cavs are gonna win the Eastern Conference anyway, but it would have meant so much to the history of the NBA if the Bulls had won this series. Now it's just a hollow memory of what could have been.

I can say though, I am proud of this team. They are so young, yet they persevered even when everybody counted them out and they went down fighting to the bitter end.
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