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Originally Posted by atomdanger
I always wonder why a woman thinks a man will be faithful when they met while he was married.
Post of the day right here. And that can go both ways too.

Ben I think you hit it right on the money with your post.

It's unforunate that Randy is going through this, and maybe he should only consider dating from here on out. And if I was Kim, I'd keep his last name. Do like what one of Trump's ex-wives did. This is going to sound cruel, but I'm going to say it: if Kim knew that Randy was this type of guy from the beginning, then why did she marry him? As soon as I heard about his previous marriages from him, then that would have been a red flag that he isn't marriage material. I'm sorry, but I have that philosophy once a cheater, always a cheater.And I know I'm going to hear "people can change." Hmmmm, how long is that change going to last? And is it for real?
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