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Default Randy IS getting divorced again

Former UFC champ Randy Couture really is now headed down the path toward divorce number three, according to a Raw Vegas report that claims Couture has served his wife with the official papers to end their union. We heard rumors that the couple’s marital strife was responsible for Kim “Sugar Free” Couture pulling out of her bout with Miesha Tate. Guess Randy is single again. Somebody go tell this girl. She's at the tanning salon.

The question here is, how will this affect Kim’s fighting career? If she drops the Couture from her name you have to wonder how many promoters will be sufficiently wowed by her 1-1 record to keep putting her in high-profile fights. If she keeps the Couture surname, then it just seems kind of sad.

On the other side, you have to wonder whether Randy has finally learned his lesson about marriage. It’s not for everyone, and if you’re 0-3 you might consider just dating from here on in. If his life were a movie, this would be the point where his three ex-wives all band together to get back at him somehow, but end up just learning a bunch of important life lessons from one another. Since life is not a movie, they probably won't do that.
I guess I shouldn't have deleted the quote in the other thread.
On another note... 3 wives.... 3 failed marriages....
Whats going on Randy?
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