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Originally Posted by Buzzard
First off, what makes you think I have never grieved for or been a victim of a violent crime? I had a co-worker who was murdered and she left behind a young child? I think the punishment for her killer of life in prison is much worse than the punishment of death. Death is too easy, life in prison in punishment. How is life in jail not a punishment? Even DNA evidence can wrongfully convict an innocent. Nothing is 100%. Put yourself in the shoes of a wrongfully convicted person about to die because of the DP. How about putting someone from your family in those shoes.

I think she deserves to breathe prison air. Dank, musty, moldy, sweaty, fart smelling prison air. I think she deserves to think of how she will never get freedom again and maybe by chance come to see how wrong she was and use the rest of her life to possibly accomplish something good in life. I don't believe that I nor you should have the power to take another human beings life. Some will say it's not a person doing the execution but the state. I don't buy that, the state is run by people, often times people who are guilty of other crimes of which they have never been caught.
Frankly, it drives me crazy when people say this--that killers living the rest of their lives in prison is a more deserving punishment than death. Lemme clue you in---a person that kills other people for kicks and gets caught generally doesn't sit around in prison for the rest of their lives feeling bad about it. They take advantage of social programs, get degrees, form bonds and "family" groups with other prisoners, or commit further crimes on other inmates. Yeah....that's worse...
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