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Originally Posted by Llamafighter
I'm looking for some advice and unput about hands. I've been boxing for almost 5 years (off and on) and within the last year or so I've really focused in and feel like I'm finally getting good (got some new coaches that are technique monsters). The problem is that with getting better, I'm hitting a lot harder and am experiencing some hand fatigue and soreness. I wanted ot see if anyone has any tips for this. I typically double wrap on sparring days and single wrap on other days. Today while typing I noticed that my right index knuckle is pretty sore.
You never responded to my ?....Anyways.. I strongly advise to stop double wrapping. Be sure when wrapping to have your hands relaxed. Many people have myths and legends on wrapping its plain n simple..I recommend using longer wraps personally.If the pain continues get it checked out could be calcium deposits very common amongest boxers. You also might want to try doing routine ergonomics for your wrists and hands...
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