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Originally Posted by Llamafighter
Yeah I got the wrap down. I think might be tendon soreness. It's the first time it started bothering me. I jsut wondered if after doing a lot of pads and bag work dod you do any sort of post workout treatment ot your hands (soak in epsom salt, ice, etc)

I saw Shane tap Todd out so I don't want any part of his ground game;)
I'll spar hands with anyone though (love to learn from people with more experience)

I weigh about 205 right now.
I dont use ice post workout, but I do sometimes use cold water, just not ice cold. It helps to calm down those tendons and whatnot. Just about a 10 to 15 minute soak post bagwork. I dont have too much pain after hitting mits of thai pads, just the heavy bag. Let me know if this helps, so I can make sure I write it down and note that it actually helped someone besides myself. Thanks. Ohh, and me tapping Todd was more of a fluke I think, I think he was just uncomfortable. LOL!!
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