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Originally Posted by Buzzard
I read a book a few months ago called The Innocent Man by John Grisham.

It is a true story about a man name Ron Williamson who was wrongly convicted and sentenced to death. His story is also told on the website The Innocence Project.

While there are times in which I feel that I could personally kill someone for deeds done, I know that my thoughts at that moment are irrational. I see the death penalty not as punishment, but revenge. The fact that our system of finding guilt or innocence isn't 100% perfect leads me to rather err on the side of letting an innocent live and hopefully prove his innocence rather than killing him and having his innocence revealed after his death, where it doesn't do him a bit of good.
I believe if there is DNA evidence that proves without a doubt scientifically that the person commited murder or a heinous crime on a fellow human being then they outta be punished. Until you are a victim or have grieved over a person who was a victim I don't think you would fully understand. Recently that little girl Sandra Cantu was murdered and sexually assaulted by a monster named Melissa Huckaby do you think that lady deserves to breathe still?
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