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Originally Posted by Buzzard
Do you have any evidence that shows the death penalty is a deterrent? Evidence that I have seen shows it not to be the case. Below is just one link.
Interesting link.

But does it take into consideration the murder rates in states that have it as opposed to states who don't?

Maybe some states who don't have a smaller murder rate and don't need it as much as states who do and have higher murder rates.
To me, a state having more murders show MORE need for the death penalty.

And honestly, I don't care if it is a deterrent or not,
if you kill people, cops, children, etc... and get convicted of murder 1 and get the death penalty,
well then you certainly don't deserve to live off the state forever.
Do you?

What I am saying is, you go to detention.
Forever... how does that make sense?
You get to hangout, harass cops, be part of a gang, be social, visit your family etc....
your victims don't get to do anything anymore, because they're dead.
Why should you?
and why should WE pay for you to get to do so?
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